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Episode 137 - Review of 2020, Vanguard, Deliver Us From Evil, Let It Snow, Blackout: Invasion Earth, Robot Riot, Burnt, Julia X

January 15, 2021

Happy New Year, everybody! In our first episode of 2021, Mike Rich and Steve take a look back over the past twelve months and discuss - at length - the many films we've reviewed in a series of round-table Top 5s. If you want to know which were our favourite Action, Horrror, tough guy/gal movies, then take a listen!

In this episode we also review Jackie Chan's latest action adventure movie, VANGUARD. He may not be centre stage but he's still doing his own stunts and fight-work! Speaking of fight-work, we next look at DELIVER US FROM EVIL, a Korean action movie which introduces us to the iconic badguy, Ray The Butcher!

We then head over to Georgia to review LET IT SNOW, a survival horror movie in which a young couple are terrorised on a mountain slope. Then its a short hop to Russia for BLACKOUT: INVASION EARTH, a big-budget sci fi movie. Finally, we take a look at ROBOT RIOT.

Our Short Shot is BURNT, in which a couple moving into their new home finds a little gift left by the previous tenants - click the link to watch the whole 11min short. Finally, our DTV Throwback is the controversial JULIA X, which proved to be very interesting to talk about!


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