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Episode 176 - Repeat, Knocking, Every Last One of Them, Apex Predator, CERA, Collection

November 8, 2021

In this episode Mike, Rich and Steve deal with some highs, some lows and a real surprise!

Kicking off with REPEAT, a UK "hard sci-fi" film in which a professor discovers a way to talk to the recently deceased.

Next is KNOCKING, a Swedish film about a woman who starts hearing loud banging noises in the walls of her new apartment.

We've covered director Christian Sesma's work before: you can hear our reviews of Take Back and Paydirt on previous episodes. His latest is EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM and features Paul Slone on a vengeful rampage!

Bruce Willis picks up his latest paycheck in APEX PREDATOR, a "most dangerous game" style movie with futuristic trappings.

Out Short Shot is CERA, which features Jason Isaacs trying to keep his family safe.

Our DTV Throwback is COLLECTION (aka Reach Me) and has a cast list which needs to be seen to be believed. Despite its very trite subject matter, this one is certainly a curiosity piece! This can be found on Prime but also on The Midnight Screening Channel on Youtube!

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