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Episode 102 - The Village in the Woods, Bloodline, Greenlight, The Code, The Sweeper

April 13, 2020

In this episode, Mike and Rich review 3 main features. First up is the low budget, atmospheric THE VILLAGE IN THE WOODS, in which a pair of confidence tricksters get in over their up is BLOODLINE, starring Sean William Scott as a school counselor indulging in extra-curricular activities - you can find this one on Netfilx. Then there is GREENLIGHT a dark thriller set in and around a film production.

The Short Shot this week is the WW2-set THE CODE and our DTV Throwback is THE SWEEPER, starring C. Thomas Howell and comes from the infamous PM Entertainment studio. Their films invariably went to DTV and were packed full of car chases, explosions and amazing stunt set-pieces, and The Sweeper is a great example of their work and you can find it on Amazon Prime!

Check it out!

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