As mentioned on our last show, we decided to take a look at THE HAUNTING OF BORLEY RECTORY, a low budget horror movie which has proved very popular, h...View Details

This week Mike and Rich examine two films starring Keannu Reeves 0 SIBERIA and REPLICAS - warning, one of these is pretty batshit insane. Talking of w...View Details

Hi everyone, we're finally back! Rich and I are finally getting ready to record episode 082 this evening, and I have FINALLY gotten round to editing o...View Details

This week Mike and Rich discuss a certain controversy surrounding Amazon Prime! before getting on with the main reviews, which this week are 5TH PASSE...View Details

It looks like Stallone is following Bruce Willis into the dark realms of DTV, and this week we cover two films in which he's given prominent billing w...View Details

Happy Belated New Year, everyone!   After the Christmas DTV drought, Mike and Rich get stuck right in with a whole bunch of recently released films -...View Details

Merry Christmas Everyone! For our final episode of 2018, Mike, Rich and returning guest Tom Jolliffe take a look at three Festive Horrors, MOTHER KRAM...View Details

In our penultimate episode of 2018, Mike and Rich conduct another round-up of short films currently available, mostly for free (see below)! There is t...View Details

Looks like we're back on track and normal service is resuming! This week, Mike and Rich tackle two very different films: BUYBUST, a filipino take on T...View Details

Hello everybody and welcome to our "lost" episode. We originally recorded the bulk of this shortly after the Fighting Spirit Film Festival, at the end...View Details

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