This week we welcome back Will Bentley, sitting in for Rich, as we cover the heavy metal creature feature, GIANT KILLER ANTS - don't let the unimagina...View Details

In this week's episode, Mike and Rich take a look at the art-house medieval thriller, SWORD OF GOD, a Polish film about two knights intent on converti...View Details

This week, Mike and Rich tackle a couple of sci-fi movies. First up is INVASION PLANET EARTH, which takes the Independence Day premise and it delivers...View Details

We're sure a lot of you will have already seen Michael Bay's 6 UNDERGROUND by now, as its just sitting there on NETFLIX waiting to be watched. Take a ...View Details

Happy New Year, everyone! In this episode, Rich and I take a look back at the year in DTV. We look at what the industry as a whole has achieved, a loo...View Details

JCYvEqu3jWdpZtR4GwQJ Its Cockney Gangster time, boys, as ESSEX BOY Pat Tate (Craig Fairbrass) wreaks havoc in Southend and Marbella in RISE OF THE FOO...View Details

This week Rich and i tackle a film I'd been looking forward to seeing for a while, THE BRAVE, starring Louis Mandylor and directed by William Kaufman....View Details

WE'RE FINALLY BACK!!   We recorded this episode at the end of September but due to me not having much spare time over the past couple of months, its t...View Details

This episode was recorded during the Fighting Spirit Film Festival held in London, the fourth such event and one that we are proud to support. In this...View Details

This week Mike and Rich check out all things Malaysian for their feature selection. Starting with the batty KAMPUNG DRIFT, then the big action movie J...View Details

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