This episode was recorded during the Fighting Spirit Film Festival held in London, the fourth such event and one that we are proud to support. In this...View Details

This week Mike and Rich check out all things Malaysian for their feature selection. Starting with the batty KAMPUNG DRIFT, then the big action movie J...View Details

A quick warning-slash-apology upfront, the audio for this episode isn't great. We had the opportunity to record in the same room for once, and I...for...View Details

We've hit the mid-point of the year, so Rich and Mike decided to take stock of the world of  DTV over the past six months. Joined by former co-presen...View Details

It's about time we got around to discussing at length some of Scott Adkins' work and what better time to do so than with the DVD/Blu Ray release of hi...View Details

Evil Doll movies are all the rage at the moment, what with the remake of Childs Play hitting the cinemas and Annabelle 3 due out later this year. So w...View Details

As mentioned on our last show, we decided to take a look at THE HAUNTING OF BORLEY RECTORY, a low budget horror movie which has proved very popular, h...View Details

This week Mike and Rich examine two films starring Keannu Reeves 0 SIBERIA and REPLICAS - warning, one of these is pretty batshit insane. Talking of w...View Details

Hi everyone, we're finally back! Rich and I are finally getting ready to record episode 082 this evening, and I have FINALLY gotten round to editing o...View Details

This week Mike and Rich discuss a certain controversy surrounding Amazon Prime! before getting on with the main reviews, which this week are 5TH PASSE...View Details

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