The DTV Digest

Episode 104 - Trick, The Perished, The Dark Recess, Rage

May 3, 2020

In this episode Mike, Rich and special guest Tom Jolliffe check out the latest slasher movie, TRICK, starring Omar Epps, and the Irish supernatural thriller THE PERISHED

As Tom is a screenwriter and film-maker in his own right, we thought it would be remiss not to take a look at one of his films in our Short Shot slot, so we cover THE DARK RECESS, which can be found on Amazon Prime.

And finally, our DTV Throwback is a film by KNB founder Robert Kurtzman, THE RAGE, which...well check out the episode to find out about that one (the film itself is also available on Amazon Prime).

Shameless plug - look out for Tom's latest effort, RETURN OF THE TOOTHFAIRY coming in June!


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