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Episode 152: I Blame Society, Fear of Rain, The Devil’s Machine, Forget Everything and Run, For the Sake of Vicious, Meet Jimmy, Satan’s Little Helper

April 20, 2021

For this horror filled episode Mike, Rich and Steve are joined by the wonderful JESSICA SCOTT who joins us to talk about our Short Shot and DTV Throwback...

But we start with five new films, commencing with the gonzo style I BLAME SOCIETY in which a young film-maker runs with the premise that she'd make a good murderer! We follow that with FEAR OF RAIN, a film which will definitely wrong-foot you, we think!

We move on to THE DEVIL'S MACHINE, a low budget British horror with a fascinating concept, and then the post apocalyptic not-zombie movie, FORGET EVERYTHING AND RUN!

Our final main review is the very vicious, FOR THE SAKE OF VICIOUS - this one really divided the panel, so be sure to listen to see who loved it and who hated it!

For our Short Shot we pop on our headphones for the fantastically creepy MEET JIMMY - we advise you do as well (pop on your headphones that is!).

Finally Mike, Jessica and Rich discuss 2004's SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER in which a young boy unwittingly aids a serial killer in his Halloween rampage!

You can check out Jessica's work HERE

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