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Episode 172 - Death Ranch, The Survivalist, Night Drive, The Time Travelling Sheriff, Fanboys

October 13, 2021

For this episode Mike, Rich, Steve and Will were joined by special guest, Leo from GEEK LEGION OF DOOM  to help review the latest batch of films.

We kick off with DEATH RANCH, the latest film from indie film-maker Charlie Steeds, who is fast becoming a favourite of mine and a name to take note of! Be warned, that trailer is extra splattery!

Next up is THE SURVIVALIST. The director, Jon Keeyes, didn't impress us much with his previous film Rogue Hostage - perhaps he does better here with the likes of Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Julian Sands!

Then there's NIGHT DRIVE, in which a "ride share driver" picks up a mysterious passenger and shenanigans unfold! This is a film none of us had heard of prior to this week - take a listen to hear what we thought!

Rich then joins us to discuss the latest Short Shot - THE TIME TRAVELLING SHERIFF by youtuber Zach King - definitely check out this short and also anything else by this man, he's literally magic!

Our DTV Throwback is FANBOYS, in which Star Wars fans try to break into Lucas's ranch to steal a copy of The Phantom Menace. The whole idea seems so stupid in retrospect, doesn't it? Take a listen to hear what we think of

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